Spring is close, I promise.


Okay, so many of you have been asking me about the podcast. Even though I’ve been heads down finishing up my book’s manuscript, the new Spring season is kicking off very, very soon, I promise. In fact, I recently released the teaser (Yay! Make sure to subscribe and tune in on ApplePodcasts app or wherever you get your podcasts).

I’m doing something I’ve never done before: looking at old folk and fairy tales and the female archetypes in them – all the way from the Good Girl, The Queen, to the Witch. We’ll explore how there are more to these female archetypes (and stereotypes!) than what we see on the surface. We’ll talk about how by embodying and rejecting them, they play out in our personal and professional lives. It’s going to be fun, creative, and more storytelling-based.

For the second part, my editor Anne Hoffman and I have curated and freshened up four interviews from the archive that relate to the theme of archetypes. You’re going to hear from record-breaking rower Roz Savage (she was my first interview ever), Justine Musk, a writer and the ex-wife of Elon Musk, design icon Eileen Fisher, and from New York Times Award-winning photojournalist Lynsey Addario. Even if you’ve listened to these episodes, I guarantee you will hear something new in them the second or third time.

So tell me, how have you been riding out this winter? I sent out a few updates in the last few weeks, did you see them? Check out my recent wisdom articles “What Projects Show Us When They Hurt,” and “The Hidden Wisdom Behind My Surfing Accident,” (mmm, just realizing now they’re both quite dramatic and relate to feeling pain – I guess that’s a theme! Ha!).

As a heads up, when Heroine’s new season kicks off on April 11th, you’ll be hearing more from me! I also plan to love bomb you with even more freebies such as guided meditations (any requests?) Can’t wait to get the conversation started again.

Hope you’ve been well!



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