Delaying Our Creative Dreams Again

I can be honest with you, right? 

Good, because I gotta tell you: I feel really frustrated that so many of us women delay our quiet, creative dreams. 

You know the ones that are circling in the back of our minds begging us to give them expression? Here’s a brief list of the excuses I’ve heard again and again over the years:

  • “I don’t have the time or money.”

  • “I don’t have the experience.”

  • “I don’t have the support.” 

  • “I don’t have the skills or ability.”

  • “I don’t have the knowledge, revelation, or answers yet.”

  • “I’m not old enough.”

  • “I’m not young enough.” 

  • “I have two mortgages.”

  • “I have small kids!”

  • “It’s a busy time!”

And of course, there’s the dreaded conditional statement, which sounds like, “First this, then that:”

  • “First I need to get training, then I can teach.”

  • “First I need to hit this career milestone, then I can pay attention to my creativity.”

  • “First I need more years at my job, then I can strike out on my own.”

  • “First I need to sell my company, then I can start writing...”

  • “First I need to have a clear idea of what I’m doing, then I can begin.”

  • The list goes on…

These excuses are often so subconscious that we don’t even catch them running in the background of our minds, but we have to because they’re super, super dangerous. Why?

Because these excuses will keep you perpetually blocked from sharing your gifts when the world needs your perspective, voice, and above all, creativity. 

Too many of us have this absurd idea of perfect timing…that one day we’ll have all the things, and we’ll be perfectly positioned to finally give expression to our creative purpose. But it really doesn’t work like that. You don’t need anything to begin your journey. You simply need the choice to begin it. Once you’ve made the choice, you need to take action. 

I have a simple process for taking action and sharing your true gifts.

In response to my deep frustration of seeing the same patterns in women, I’m designing a new program that blends the inner work of self-discovery with the outer work of taking action in the direction of our true, creative purpose. It’s the culmination of multiple years of coaching women.

Every time we go through this process, women begin living their creative purpose in a matter of weeks, which is crazy since they’ve spent years delaying their creative dreams.

Every time we go through this process, women realize they can break through fear, excuses, traumas, good girl conditioning, and blocks, and start putting themselves out there by prototyping and testing their creative ideas in a safe space with support, mentorship, and accountability TODAY, (not “someday”) and without having to quit their day jobs. 

For many years, I’ve guided private clients through this journey and am excited to offer it more publicly.

So, I’m looking for ten brave women who want to begin designing and living their creative purpose, and who are curious about working through this process with me.

Please read carefully: this process is for women who are working full-time and are currently in some kind of leadership position (e.g., manager, lead, director, executive, etc.) but feel there is something more for them out there... 

If that’s you and you’re curious to learn more, then sign up for a free Creative Purpose Design Session (limited spots, available next week only) to experience some of this process. 

By the end of our conversation, you will: 

  • Uncover one major blindspot or block that is holding you back.

  • Learn the one thing that everybody misses as they are designing their creative purpose which keeps them stuck 

  • Define a theme of a creative purpose project 

Let’s go!

Excited to connect with you.


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