Leaving Our Invisible Cages


Have you ever felt like you were in a costume, caged in a life that just isn’t you? In this week’s podcast for the first time in Heroine history my editor, Anne Hoffman, flips the tables and interviews me. It quickly gets raw and real as we dig deep.

We talk about everything from loving rubrics in school to how I felt like I was wearing a costume when I worked a outwardly perfect cubicle job at a research organization in D.C. It was so much fun to walk through all the threads that led me to step into my creative purpose as a podcaster, writer, and women’s leadership coach.

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Highlighted Excerpt

Anne: I think your story reflects this story that when you’re twenty or thirty you can’t really write anything because you haven’t lived enough and in your forties is when you write. I know you’re in your thirties but it’s like you did so much living and there’s a way in which, when it happening, you’re like “where is this going”. There’s all these disparate experiences but look where it got you. It all sort of culminates in your book.

Majo: Creativity is built from inputs. you’re literally taking all these threads from your life and mashing them together to create new things. It’s interesting to take all the threads of who we are and weave them into something.

You want to discover your creative purpose? You design it. It’s about looking back …that’s how we live creative purpose, it’s not sitting around and waiting and feeling chronically “not ready yet”…it’s by active design and engagement, and that’s the creative process.  You create your life as much as you create a poem, a short story, a film, a podcast episode…

Anne: I think for me and for a lot of other women you are the example of have the confidence to synthesize your experience into art or something greater than the experiences.