How You Give Me Goosebumps

I want to share a vision with you that gets me really excited. 

This vision is for a creative, Millennial woman who is feeling disengaged and jaded at work. And if this sounds like you, you’re ready for a career shift but not sure what your next move is. What you do know is that you feel frustrated, disappointed, and even a little embarrassed that you aren’t living up to your potential.

Here’s what I really, deeply want for you. In a few years from now, I imagine you shedding your good girl mentality and becoming a complete creative, badass.

Imagine you sitting in a first class seat going to that place you’ve always wanted to go like Tulum, Istanbul or Tokyo and you’re in your favorite pair of shoes, (for me, it would be a pair of beautifully made, Spanish shoes from Pedro Garcia), but whether they’re heels or dope sneakers, whether they’re leather or vegan, you feel powerful and sexy, and you’re looking out the window, looking at the clouds, and you know that you’ve designed a life that you love. I’m talking about that feeling of being activated, strong, and abundant as a free, modern woman.  I get goosebumps just thinking about it!

But there’s more. It doesn’t end there. You aren’t just feeling powerful and creative, you’re channeling that power into making a difference in the world, in being of service to others in a meaningful, heart-aligned way, whether it’s a handful of people or hundreds of thousands.

The point is you’re focused and clear on your mission. You’re sharing your gifts and because of that you’re changing people’s lives. You’re becoming fully expressed and are creating a powerful legacy in the world.  

Sadly, I see too much of the flip side of this vision. Far too many women with incredible creative ideas and skills they aren’t tapping into them and putting then out into the world, whether it’s their art or creative problem solving. But it’s painful – on a soul level – to be unexpressed (don’t you think?).

And I totally feel your pain. As a little girl, I was creative and for many years completely suppressed that part of myself because I became a good girl and studied what I thought would be the safe path and what my parents wanted me to do.

I eventually did some soul searching and reclaimed my creative side (in fact, a very special creative project in grad school helped me see that I was an artist) and after that, I began writing poetry, fiction, and music again, and from that creative flow, I was able to start a six-figure business, launch a podcast where I interview award-winning artists and authors, and land a publishing deal with a top publisher and write a book (coming out next year!)

I would not have been able to do ALL that if I was feeling creatively dried up, tapped out, and still being a good girl.

I made bold, professional moves towards my mission that would change my life and it started from my creative life-source, and then channeling that creativity towards making an impact. 

Listen, I know you’re tired of not feeling like you’re making the most out of your potential. And I know you don’t want to end up on your deathbed looking back, regretting your career choices.

We spend eight hours of our day working (which adds up to about over 2,000 hours in a typical work year), and that work should feel meaningfully creative and abundant, and if it isn’t, you’re wasting precious time and energy.

It should matter to you to feel ALIVE. And it matters to the world that you feel ALIVE. The world needs women’s perspectives, voices, and above all, creativity.

If you don’t become creatively alive and share your gifts, we’re going to hear from the same people again and again...we’re NOT going to see progress, we’re going to see an imbalance of power, and contributions skewed towards those who talk the loudest and uphold an illusion of separation – separation with ourselves, the planet, and each other.

We don’t need or want more of that. We’re in a special time in the world, and we need more women like you activated. Not tomorrow. But today.

So if this is resonating, could you do me a super quick favor? Could you hit “REPLY” right now and let me know if you believe in this vision for yourself (even if it feels scary!) and the other women in your life.

It can be as simple as “100%!”

If you have more thoughts, please feel free to let me know what exactly you’d like to know or where you’re struggling most, and I’ll do my best to include it in my next email.

I can’t wait to share more! :) Tapping into my creative power and confidence has been the number one most important thing I’ve ever done in my life, which is why I’m here writing to you about it.

Have a beautiful day, sister. Always on your side. <3

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