Living Your Creative Purpose Without a Huge Career Pivot

Question for you lady: do you consider yourself to be a female, millennial, creative professional looking to unlock your creative badassery?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably someone who wants to channel her power into making a difference in the world, in being of service to others in a deeply, meaningful, heart-felt way, whether it’s a handful of people or hundreds of thousands.

In short, you want to make an impact, and you know that right now, you aren’t as much as you could be.

Before you think you have to quit your day job, make a huge career pivot, or take on a big financial risk, it’s 100% possible to start working towards your creative purpose today and I want to show you how by beginning the journey with small, practical action steps.

The first stage is to CLEAR.

During this key stage, we shed good girl conditioning, fear mentality, and excuses that are holding us back from stepping into our creative purpose. You’re done when you’ve identified your unique good girl formula, and have a complete inventory of any mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual blocks and beliefs that are stopping you from becoming a creative badass.

From that work, you will leave with a unique Creative Badass Daily Ritual tailored to you so that you can reprogram these beliefs through guided meditations, affirmations, and mantras. 

The second stage is DESIGN.

Next you’re going to design your Creative Purpose Project. You’re done when you’ve defined and chosen one creative purpose project to complete in a handful of weeks (not years!) without quitting your day job or taking on huge financial risk.

This will include a clear timeline and a launch date, supported by mentorship and accountability. After this stage, you’ll have formulated a Creative Purpose Project that expresses the manifestation of your creative purpose right now.

In the third stage, we EXPRESS.

During this stage, you’re going to practice being seen and heard in your creative purpose. How? You’re going to iterate, test, and get feedback on your Creative Purpose Project from people around you, pushing and growing your creative vulnerability edge and further breaking through your blocks, especially perfectionism.

You’re done when you’ve launched multiple quick prototypes of your Creative Purpose Project and collected new insights about yourself and your creative purpose you didn’t have before. From that work, you’ll have a clear career action plan (e.g., Do you start your own business? Do you transfer companies or teams? Do you level up in your position?) for the next twelve months which includes your unique creative legacy statement you will live your life by moving forward.

So could you be honest with me: Would you be willing to move through these stages? Would this journey be interesting to you? What questions or concerns do you have about this process? Hit reply and let me know.

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