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Jen Sincero is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of You Are a Badass, and most recently, You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth. After being fed up with merely scraping by for years, Jen decided to focus on figuring money out. She took a leap of faith that led her down the path to fully embracing wealth, and her latest book uncovers the mental blocks she had to overcome to let the money flow.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to detach from the icky stigma of wanting more money, seeing it instead as the energetic exchange between people that it really is. Jen also shares her insights on the association between self-promotion and shame, especially among women. Her open, no-nonsense approach will motivate and inspire you to feel excited about whatever it is you have going on.

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Highlighted Excerpt:

Jen: I really believe in the fact that you never know where the hell your next huge break is gonna come from. And this is part of getting outside of your comfort zone, telling people what you’re doing and being excited about it. Being lit up. Because when you’re lit up people are attracted to you. So when you’re doing what you love or creating what you love and you’ve got that frequency and energy, you attract people to you who want some!

And I just want to say one other thing. That term “shameless self-promotion” – there is no shame in self-promotion. You’re here to be your fabulous self, and if you’re not psyched about it no one else is going to be. I think it’s great when I meet people who are so excited about what they have going on. That whole shame thing is a bore.

Majo: Yeah, let’s dive in there for a second. Talking about self-promotion and women. What have you noticed, what is it about… I mean, I do think there’s this association between shame and self-promotion where, as women maybe we feel we’re not allowed to do this, not supposed to do this...

Jen: Totally. Yeah, it’s seen as unfeminine, maybe? Boasting, being too full of yourself... And there are certain ways to go about it, but whenever I hear somebody who’s excited about their life, I’m not like, What a jackass, what’s she talking about, how dare she...I’m like, There’s somebody who’s doing something they’re actually excited about! Yes!

I think it’s such a beautiful example to set for the world. I mean, I have what I want, I created what I desired. So can you! Instead of hiding behind this shroud of humbleness – celebrate it, man! We’re here for such a short time, why not? Why not inspire other people to go out and kick some ass instead of pretending it’s not okay. Why is that the norm?

Majo: Don’t you find that some people feel, especially women, that if we shine too bright or stand out too much that we’re going to lose relationships or lose intimacy? Almost like there’s a price to pay?

Jen: Well, there is. And you will lose relationships and intimacy with people who can’t handle your glory. But what are you going to do? Shrink down so you can be friends with a bunch of people who are threatened by you being bright and shiny and awesome?

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Show Notes:

  • How being challenged by a second grade teacher who set firm boundaries was exactly the kind of attention Jen needed as a little girl. [2:40]

  • Jen in her twenties: college years, landing a dream job, being ignored in a male-dominated environment, starting a rock band – all while being unsure of what she was doing with her life. [3:38]

  • Falling in love with her drummer, writing her first book, and constantly reinventing herself. [8:03]

  • Jen’s lowest point of being broke and still clueless about what she was doing with her life, her first big break, and the power of being excited about what you’re doing. [11:22]

  • Powerful insights on the association between self-promotion and shame (especially for women). [16:10]

  • On exploring her sexuality while on her first book tour, writing a sex column, and helping people get over shame. [24:39]

  • Tired of scraping by, Jen decided to devote her time and focus on figuring out money by reading self-help books, going to seminars, and taking a big leap of faith. [29:32]

  • On the energy behind money, our attitudes toward our day jobs, and Jen’s insights on making compromises. [36:29]

  • Still unsure of what she was doing with her life in her forties, Jen “just kept doing the next right thing.” [42:40]

  • Looking back on the success of her books, You Are A Badass and others, and Jen’s final words of wisdom. [44:57]

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