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Elena Brower is an internationally recognized author, yoga teacher, and speaker. She wrote The Art of Attention, and most recently, Practice You, a gorgeous journal for self-reflection. Elena has contributed to The Huffington Post and MindBodyGreen, and has been featured in Yoga Journal and The New York Times. She’s a true pioneer in the world of yoga.

In this episode, Elena shares about her journey and approaches deep, introspective truths as she and host Majo discuss the power of meditation and journaling. Elena offers her unique insights on the energy behind money, and years of wisdom on why self-care is so important.  

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Highlighted Excerpt:

Majo: There’s an interesting point here. When I think about your work I also think about self-care. There are a lot of women out there who are tired... they have jobs, they’re moms, they’re moms with jobs… they may be thinking, Wow, I wish I had time to rub oils on my feet every day (or whatever it is) but I’ve got so much going on. This is something I commonly hear from women about self-care. It’s like the thing on the bottom of the list.

Elena: I just want to call bullshit on that. Because I think, the more care I take of myself, the more people feel inclined to reach out out me, work with me, give to me, help me... You know? There’s an energetic scent to someone who’s taking care of themselves, and it’s magnetic and inspiring, and it’s important to share that with other people.

Because really, nobody does know how to take care of themselves. Barely any of us were taught how – it wasn’t a priority. In most of our homes the priority was just to get by. And it’s important to recognize that.

Majo: Yeah, or this belief in work then play, or work then self-care, and it’s like, work will just take up all 24 hours if you let it!

Elena: Totally.

Majo: Let’s talk about your book, Practice You. I’ve been journaling my whole life. I have an intimate relationship with journaling, but many of my clients don’t really know where to start…

Elena: Practice You is actually full of prompts. It’s built around aspects of our experience, and in each chapter there are considerations, contemplations, questions to answer, and other prompts that are related to the topic of that chapter. So especially for people who would like to get started in the practice of journaling, this book is great because it gives you places to start every single day. Even if you don’t go in chronological order, you can find a way into yourself... into your heart.

Majo: I can’t tell you how important prompts are. People approach a blank page and expect things to flow, but even just one spark can really make a difference.

Elena: I’d love to read you some.

Majo: Yes, please!

Elena: Here’s a favorite: This is how I practice luminous freedom. Another favorite: Some part of me knows how to heal this. Or, These are the blessings that are touching me today...

Majo: These are profound. These are deep, introspective prompts, things that could really take us inside.

Elena: They’re meant to.

Show Notes:

  • Elena growing up – a gawky, intuitive girl who would look in the mirror and ask, Who are you? [2:42]

  • Her teenage years, what she studied at Cornell, first jobs, and living in Italy. [6:38]

  • Finding her calling, getting started with yoga, and Elena’s insights on teaching. [11:37]

  • On husting as a yoga teacher and opening her own studio. [14:39]

  • What Elena learned from running her own businesses, and how she found a way to make the money she needed to fund the life she wanted. [17:52]

  • On fear of success, sharing energy, and the unique perspective that makes her a good teacher. [26:04]

  • Elena’s tough-love wisdom on self-care and creating time for yourself. [29:37]

  • On her new book, Practice You – Elena shares some of her profound, introspective writing prompts. [31:38]

  • The powerful effects of journaling and meditation, and Elena’s final words of wisdom. [36:43]

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