IGNITE: Design Your Creative Purpose – A 12-Week Program for Female Leaders & Professionals 

IGNITE supports female leaders in defining, testing, and ultimately sharing their creative ideas and gifts with the world while working full-time. By sharing their gifts, they design their unique creative purpose and translate that into actionable steps in their career. The program offers mentorship, skills development, and accountability.


  • A female, creative professional

  • A leader such as a manager, lead, director, or executive

  • Between the ages of 28 - 40 

  • Someone who wants to make a difference and have an impact

  • An empathic woman who cares deeply for others and the world 

You’re not...

  • A founder or entrepreneur already engaged in your creative purpose

  • A coach

  • A college or graduate student

  • Unemployed (if you’re between jobs, you’re not at a place where you can do this work effectively) 

  • Someone who thinks personal growth is too “woo woo”

  • Someone who isn’t willing to put in the work and take action to design a better life 


Stage 1: Lose Good Girl & Fear Mentality (CLEAR)

In this stage, we clear good girl mentality, fears, and excuses and replace them with new, empowering beliefs that you can carry forward into your life. Inner work and self-discovery is the foundation. 

Outcome: A unique Creative Badass Daily Ritual (CBDR) tailored to you so that you can reprogram any negative, fear-based beliefs about sharing your gifts through daily guided meditations, affirmations, and mantras throughout the program.

Stage 2: Design Your Creative Purpose Project (CPP) (DESIGN)

Here we design and define a timeline, three prototypes, and final launch date for a project that is rooted in your creative purpose (what I’ll call your “Creative Purpose Project”) based on the self-discovery above.

Outcome: A CPP Brief which includes a timeline, launch date, and three increasingly challenging prototypes that encapsulate your creative purpose. 

Stage 3: Ignite Your Creative Purpose Project (IGNITE)

In this final stage, we test our ideas with real people, get feedback, launch our CPP, and build our creative confidence. We gain clarity from ACTION.

Outcome: New insights from putting your CPP into practice resulting in the formulation of a 12-month Creative Purpose Plan to take beyond the program, including your aspirational Creative Legacy Statement (e.g., “North Star”) you can carry forward.

The 12-week journey

  • Week 1: Setting Up for Success 

  • Week 2: Identify Fears & Excuses

  • Week 3: Reprogram Fears & Excuses

  • Week 4: Define Prototypes & Launch

  • Week 5: Finalize Your CPP Brief 

  • Week 6: Run Prototype 1

  • Week 7: Run Prototype 2

  • Week 8: Run Prototype 3

  • Week 9: Prototype Analysis & Prep for Final

  • Week 10: Final Launch 

  • Week 11: Debrief

  • Week 12: Design 12-Month Career Action Plan


  • A weekly group coaching call

  • 12 weeks 

  • A curriculum & training with weekly assignments  

  • Communication and mentorship between sessions (e.g., Slack)



Deposit: $1,990 (non-refundable)

Payment 1: $1,500

Payment 2: $1,500