How it works


The first step in your transformation is setting a foundation of wisdom. For every woman, this wisdom comes from her ability to cut out the noise (e.g., expectations from others) and listen to her intuition. We work together to set rituals in place and structure your time for you to have optimal energy flow throughout your day. Because hint: the quantity and quality of energy you have matters – way more than the time you have!


We deepen with wisdom by getting clear about how you want to feel and what really matters to you. We dream and scheme together. Depending on your personality style and what feels best for you, we work together to set intentions and/or goals, and outline the steps it will take to get you there. This is also an opportunity for us to get clear about your strengths and gifts, and how you are being called to serve. Though, as you’ll see later when we move into action (#4), this clarity comes less from introspection and more from engagement with the world.

Inner Critic/Fears/Risk-Aversion

Of course, the opposite of our wisest most loving self is the part of us that is fearful and reactive. You will get to know that part of yourself very intimately. We’ll look under the hood: What voices and beliefs are circulating in your head throughout the day? How is that holding you back? What are you truly afraid of? Let’s get to the bottom. The most important part of this piece is cultivating self-forgiveness and self-compassion. It’s far too easy to disown parts of ourselves that are dark and ugly. We’ll work together so you can learn to appreciate your shadows because they play a vital role in your expansion.

Creative Confidence/Action

Once the foundation of wisdom is in place (and it’s an ongoing process to upkeep), we’ll start to cultivate the key mindsets of creative confidence. Creative confidence is about less preparation and training (which we women love) and more about action. It’s a loose and fluid way of being in the world that allows us to experiment, make mistakes, and persist when we’ve hit setbacks. For women, creative confidence is *essential.* Research shows little girls are more likely to follow rules and self-regulate (which is wonderful when we’re in school), but not so helpful when it’s time to be bad asses in the real world. We’ll devise experiments and have you run them! The clarity you gain from this final piece is essential to you showing up in the world as your fullest potential.

Principles to keep in mind

  • As a long-time practicing yogini and yoga teacher, I know in my heart the foundation is energy. If you aren’t eating and sleeping well, it will be too difficult for us to be truly aligned in the other pieces. We could skip this foundational piece (which many people do for the rest of their lives), but my guess is your mind will be too foggy to really know what you want and really understand what’s holding you back.

  • These pieces work together and you are never fully done with one of them, they weave together and continue to reinforce each other for the rest of your life.  

  • It’s important to me to personalize the approach to you. You may already be strong in one of these pieces, and so it wouldn’t make sense to focus there. For example, you already know what you want, but your inner critic is so loud you feel blocked. In that case, we would spend less time on desire and more time on your inner critic. Some women are already very confident, but they don’t take care of themselves and wonder why they still feel like something’s missing. In that case, energy energy energy!

  • Neither of these pieces has to be perfect for you to share your gifts. It’s easy to fall into the trap of seeing this method and feeling overwhelmed, or that you don’t have it all together. It’s not true. These elements are living and breathing. I am constantly tending to them. At some points in my life, my creative confidence is very high, but I’m not paying as much attention to my energy and so I need to recalibrate.


$500 per month and a 3-month minimum requirement. 


We meet twice a month and each session is 75 minutes. Most of the magic happens outside of our sessions, when you are implementing the work we're doing.