Reclaiming Multiple Identities in the Age of Extremism With Shiza Shahid
Disrupting the System & Throwing Out the Rules with Robin Berzin
Reclaim Work with Jaclyn Johnson
Speak Up with Luvvie Ajayi
Be Weird with Laurie Segall
Design For Women with Gabrielle Guthrie

Gabrielle Guthrie is the founder of Moxxly, a company that is redesigning the breast pumping experience for the modern mama. In this episode, Gabrielle shares her personal and professional journey into becoming a designer-founder who has thrown her life’s mission into building a product that re-humanizes the experience of breastfeeding for women.

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Something More with Kathryn Finney

Today’s episode features writer, women’s advocate, and tech entrepreneur Kathryn Finney. Named one of the most influential women in tech by Inc Magazine, she’s the Founder and Managing Director of digitalundivided, which fosters economic growth by empowering black and latina women entrepreneurs.

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Passion & Ethics with Jasmine Aarons

Jasmine Aarons is the founder of VOZ – an ethical fashion company with a mission to protect and promote the stories, livelihoods, and cultural values of rural indigenous women around the world. Jasmine has spent years working with artisans in South America, creating a collaborative design model with an inspiring ethical and sustainable vision.

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Your Story is Your Power with Elle Luna & Susie Herrick

We’re kicking off the new season with two returning guests. Elle Luna is a SF based artist and author, and Susie Herrick is a licensed therapist with over twenty years of experience. Together, they have co-authored a new and timely book: Your Story is Your Power, Free Your Feminine Voice.

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