Majo here. I'm a writer, speaker, and expert in women's creative leadership. I help multi-passionate, professional women become the leaders the world needs, instead of the “good girls” the world wants. I have a book coming out next year with HarperOne (yay!). Check out my podcast HEROINE, articles, and Instagram @majo.heroine while I keep updating my website. Official bio below.

Photo by  Helena Price

Photo by Helena Price

Official Bio

Majo Molfino guides women toward more power and meaning through her unique blend of storytelling, design, psychology, and mindfulness. She is the author of an upcoming women's empowerment book (HarperOne / Harper Collins, May 2020) and host of the HEROINE podcast featuring award-winning authors, artists, and entrepreneurs, including Isabel Allende, Eileen Fisher, Luvvie Ajayi, and Esther Perel. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Harper’s Bazaar, FastCoDesign, Man Repeller, Levo League, Career Contessa, and 99U. She has a Masters in Learning, Design, and Technology from Stanford and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Cultural Studies from McGill. When she isn’t writing or podcasting, she’s sipping on tea in the Californian Redwoods with her husband Enrique.