Pre-order below! Releasing 12/8/2016.

An e-book covering the basics of how to design and sustain nourishing and magical morning and evening rituals, so that you can be more grounded and focused in both your work and relationships. A one-of-a-kind approach to rituals that integrates the best of Stanford's behavior design and design thinking, with yoga, energy management, and leadership.

  • Become less reactive and more intentional as you start your work day
  • Batch your energy sources and self-care in a powerful amount of time
  • Feel more productive without feeling fragmented 
  • Slow down so that you can tune in to your intuition and what you really want
  • Sync with your natural rhythms and those of nature
  • Have more space and pause to make choices that nourish you
  • Conserve your decision making power for creative and productive work


Releasing 12/08/2016

Dive into this e-book and...

  • Get clear about why you must protect your morning and evening rituals (MERs), now more than ever
  • Discover the greatest pitfalls in trying to develop and sustain MERs and why most people fail at developing rituals that sustain over time
  • Align your rituals with your deepest desired feelings
  • Learn a simple, small technique that will let you stay contained yet flexible with your rituals 
  • Design and test your ideal MER and make sure that it aligns with your environment and space
  • Learn to evolve your rituals as you change and evolve, that way you can get back on gracefully when you fall off track
  • Gain tools for developing a compassionate "reset mindset"


RELEASING 12/08/2016