Private one-on-one leadership coaching provides the tailored attention needed to help you become the leader the world needs, instead of the good girl the world wants.

Past clients include women from...

We’re a good fit if you’re ready to work with your fears to break through to the next level: greater leadership in your current work, transferring to a more aligned role, changing companies, taking a well-deserved sabbatical to explore, or finally pursuing that creative side project that could become a full blown business.

But let’s be honest: this is about so much more than your material livelihood and success. This is about how you create and lead. This is about what makes you feel expanded instead of contracted. This is about what makes you feel truly fulfilled. This is about how you make a difference. 

What does this actually look like? Here are a few possibilities based on my work with other women.

You get promoted at work while starting a dreamy side business.

My partnership with Majo is by far the best investment I've made. The work we've done together has allowed me to flourish as an individual, as an artist, and as a woman in tech. Before working with Majo I felt constantly torn between two seemingly separate life paths - do I want a career as an environmental artist, where I let my creative side run free, or do I want to continue as a policy expert in the fast-moving tech world, which allows to exercise my analytical mind and enjoy financial stability? Working with Majo helped me discover that I can do both. All areas of my life and career have taken off: I've been promoted in my work at Facebook, am consistently selling paintings and working toward an art show, and I moved out of a packed San Francisco apartment into a solo live-work space in Berkeley. I feel closer to my core desires, and find myself living a life that I imagined would take decades to achieve! Read more about my story [here].” ~ Brittany Noel Taylor, Environmental Artist at and Product Policy Manager at Facebook. 

You transfer into a more aligned role at your company.

Majo has a focused energy in her coaching that I wasn't able to find in other coaches. At every moment, I felt that I was moving and progressing, something that was very important to me since I felt I had time-sensitive changes to make. I chose her because of her emphasis on women's leadership, in addition to mindfulness and yoga. Being a designer herself, Majo truly understands creativity and art and I felt we had personal synergy there. After working together, I got a promotion, raise, and title shift in my workplace from a sales/business development role to a creative/engineering role. I cannot begin to explain how much of a profoundly positive impact this has had on my life so far this year! I also composed my first piece of music and released it on the Internet. This was a hugely healing act for me. She will get you results.” ~ Irys Kornbluth, Musician and Director of Digital Marketing at

You save up and take time off to rest and explore.

As a daughter of immigrants, I'm no stranger to hard work, performing under pressure and being practical. With the support of Majo's coaching, I found the courage to take time off to explore myself, my art, and alternative career pathways. I unblocked many of the fears and beliefs that were keeping me playing safe and feeling stuck. I learned to honor parts of me that don’t usually get airtime, such as creative expression, connection with nature, intuitive thinking and self-care. If you're a smart, motivated, creative woman with a lot of different interests, Majo will help you weave the threads together and choose the path that brings your soul joy and peace.” ~ Bernadette Cay, Artist at and former Product Manager at Twitter

What’s Included

  • Two 75-minute sessions per month (in person, virtual, or mixed)
  • Email & text support between sessions as needed
  • A unique method that blends the best of psychology, yoga, and design thinking
  • Tools, processes, and playsheets tailored to your growth

“When I first started working with Majo, I felt stagnant in my creative pursuits and overwhelmed with all the possible choices on what to do next. Majo helped me get clear about my core purpose which lead me to an incredible position at one of the country's top design firms! ~ Christi Ginger, Designer and Program Manager at IDEO


  • Clarify what you want instead of what others want for you
  • Recognize the negative voices inside your head and lovingly bypass them
  • Shed “good girl” habits that have you avoiding mistakes and risks at all costs
  • Trust yourself more often and stop undermining yourself
  • Give less of a f*ck about other people's opinions of you
  • Develop morning and evening rituals that support your wellbeing and growth
  • Test out various career pathways with less fear and more curiosity
  • Take concrete actions and give expression to your deeper work
  • Define your creative expertise– that way you can more easily explain it to others
  • Develop a toolkit to support you in how to keep taking action after coaching is over

“She is wise, practical, and will partner with you in your desire to become a whole woman.  ~ Wendy Lea, former CEO of Get Satisfaction and CEO of Cintrifuse

About the Process

First, you’ll fill out this request for a free consultation form and tell me a bit about yourself. I’ll get back in touch if it makes sense for us to connect. Next, we’ll have a 45-minute consultation – free of charge – so I can better understand where you want to go and what’s blocking you. This will be our opportunity to see whether we’re a good fit and if I can support you.

If you’re a yes, we’ll get you set up with access to all the tools, processes, and playsheets for our work moving forward, and schedule at least three months of private sessions in advance.

Manage your energy

The first step in your transformation is setting a foundation for wisdom. For every woman, this wisdom comes from her ability to cut out the noise (e.g., expectations from others) and listen to her intuition. We work together to set rituals in place and structure your time for you to have optimal energy flow throughout your day. Because the quantity and quality of energy you have matters – way more than the time you have.

Clarify what you want

Then, we’ll move into clarifying what you want, not what others want for you, or what you think you should want. This takes at least a month and a lot of work on your part, to introspect and get real with yourself. I’m here to provide facilitation and help you go deeper. Depending on your personality style and what feels best for you, we work together to set intentions and/or goals, and outline the steps it will take to get you there.

Face the inner critic

Once we’re feeling solid with your deeper desires, we’ll look into its opposite: the inner critic, “the good girl,” fear, and risk-aversion. We’ll look under the hood: What voices and beliefs are circulating in your head throughout the day? How is that holding you back? What are you truly afraid of? Let’s get to the bottom. The most important part of this piece is cultivating self-forgiveness and self-compassion. It’s far too easy to disown parts of ourselves that are dark and ugly. We’ll work together so you can learn to appreciate your shadows because they play a vital role in your expansion.

Play and experiment

Throughout this adventure, we’ll constantly be running mini-experiments – the backbone of taking action and thinking like a designer. We’ll work together to have you try all kinds of things out, fail fast, learn quickly, to see what works best. Keep in mind this journey is less linear than you think. Think of these as pieces that move around, are super tailored to your needs, like ingredients we blend together to strengthen your leadership.

Other possible scenarios for you...

You leave your job and find a better one.

“I found Majo through one of her articles, and she and I would be doing virtual coaching since I was in New York. I had hesitations because I had never worked with a coach or trusted anyone outside of my immediate circle with details about my life. I was also afraid to admit some things out loud to myself since I was miserable at my job. But Majo was amazing and we worked together to face my fears so that I could eventually transfer to a way better job with way healthier working relationships. Now I speak up in meetings, disagree politely, and say no when I mean it. I’m way better at negotiating what I actually want to do. Before that, I was in perpetual good-girl-default-“yes”-mode. My favorite part about coaching is that we define next steps that I can take home with me and it’s not just one giant complaining session. After one year of working together, I feel like I have a bunch of tools filed away in my mind for life: inner critic, energy management, reframing problems, self-compassion, and setting healthy boundaries. As an added bonus, I’ve lost weight because I feel happier and have more endurance because I’ve been exercising!” ~ Samantha Azzarello, Global Market Strategist at J.P. Morgan

You see your current situation with fresh eyes and a whole new perspective.

“I was so disturbed by my feelings of lack and emptiness that I thought I needed a major career change in order to find happiness. But Majo helped me realize that I am very content with the relationship, house and career that I have right now. The source of my unhappiness was internal – I was repressing aspects of myself to accommodate inaccurate cultural beliefs about what was expected of me and who I needed to be in order to succeed – and I was making myself so miserable I almost felt that I needed to run away and start from scratch in order to find peace. I am so happy that Majo helped me to discover the deeper meaning in the work that I am doing, as well as specific activities and behaviors that honor my feminine nature so I can more fully invest myself in life with the gratitude and passion I’d been missing for far too long. So if you feel stuck, lost, seeking, alone, uncertain or ready for a change of perspective, take the plunge and reach out! It’s the best gift you could give yourself.” ~ Erin Caldwell, Training Director at MX.

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More praise

“Her dedication, wisdom, and compassion allowed me to stretch far beyond my limits and take big risks. She helped me gain such clarity that in less than three months, I found my absolute dream job! She also helped me connect with my internal world in a completely new, and deeply spiritual way. I feel so grateful. ~ Kate Lazarov, Project Manager at Sexual Health Innovations

“Majo is such a gift! She has an incredible ability to really see other women’s gifts. Through our work together, my career has completely transformed from soul-sucking to soul-fulfilling. I used to focus on what I "should" be doing to move up in my career, but now I'm focusing on supporting my own clients to explore their life's work on a deep, deep level. Spiritually, I feel like I'm finally giving myself permission to stay on my path with less self-judgement and more open-heartedness. ~ Irene Tran, Artist & Designer

“I had been having trouble finding work-life balance and prioritizing my desires when I began my journey with Majo. Since then, (having been working with Majofor only a few months), not only do I have a new AMAZING job, I actually have time to work on my true passion as well! Majo has helped me extensively and has been such a great guide and motivator! ~ Steph Shafiepour, Accountant at IIROC

“Working alongside Majo has transformed me professionally, emotionally, spiritually. ~ Laura Pereyra, Communications Manager at Better Doctor

“Majo is a very special rare blend of practical and intuitive – a true gem! Our work together helped me revive something very deep inside, my true creative spirit and inner artist. I launched my own creative side project and am now selling my work online! Thank you!” ~ Kelli McGiven, Independent Educator and Designer

Let's work together.