How to Leave a Review

If you've been enjoying the podcast, please pay it forward. When you leave a review, you increase the likelihood that another woman will come across these stories. It takes about two minutes and a small way to give back and show your appreciation for the hard work and effort that goes into making the show possible. See example reviews below! But please add your special touch and let us know how the podcast has more specifically supported you because it helps us understand how we can be most impactful. 

From your computer

  1. Go here to the Heroine podcast channel.
  2. Click on the blue View in iTunes button in the left sidebar.
  3. Once you’re there, click on Subscribe, and then Ratings and Reviews.
  4. Click on Write a Review. (This will prompt you to sign in with your Apple ID.)
  5. You’ll then get a box where you can rate the podcast and write your review. When you’re done, click Submit.

From your iPhone or iPad

  1. Go here to the Heroine podcast channel – this should launch Apple’s Podcast app.
    • Note: Another way is to search for the terms “Heroine” once you’re inside the Podcast app.
  2. Hit Subscribe.
  3. Tap the Reviews tab, then on Write a Review.
  4. Enter your iTunes password to login.
  5. Tap the stars to leave a rating, then write your review and tap Send.

Once you leave a review, feel free to email Dani at and let her know that you've done it. If we have any special resources or goodies we can send your way, we will!