You’re ready to meet other like-minded multi-passionate women who want to make a difference too...

You’re ready to be immersed and relax in a more feminine space, after working all day in hyper-masculine culture. You’re feeling like you could use other sounding boards, and be surrounded by creative, emotionally intelligent women like you to give you feedback and input on your path.

You’re looking for a safe space of other women, instead of a space of comparison or competition. You’re also ready to look into areas of life that don’t get that much attention or love because you’re so focused on your career at the moment: relationships, body, personal finances, creative expression outside of “work work.”

What women are saying...

“The group has supported me by creating a space to probe life’s deeper questions, in the context of being a woman in Silicon Valley- balancing work and relationships and seeking creative fulfillment. Thinking about these themes each month has generated previously unimaginable growth - both personally and creatively. It’s been a healing experience to be surrounded by so many other admirable and relatable women in an inherently supportive context.” Ainsley Wagoner, Experience Designer at Adobe

“Having support from sisters who are on similar paths was one of the best ways to stay committed to my true self and desires, especially in a society that isn't necessarily built to support the feminine side of me.” Irene Tran, Artist and Designer

“I never felt like I was alone because I knew that they were there supporting me just like I was there to support them. It was also a great way to keep each other focused and accountable to pursuing our passions opposed to giving into fear and selling out short.”Kelli McGiven, Independent Educator and Designer

“Astute insights, consistently high-quality, yet fun and approachable! Thank you for the work you're doing!” Bernadette Cay, Artist and former Product Manager at Twitter

“Majo has made her calling and commitment to it clear. She is creative, kind, astute, and ambitious and she is able to call those around her to a higher consciousness. I have learned and been inspired by so much in the time I have known her.” Claire Beniga, Product Designer at Barrel + Ink

“Majo's work is amazing and soul-opening. I am so grateful to be a part of the amazing movement she has created. It has helped me open up and get in touch with my own inner guide. I recommend it to any woman who is craving a deeper sense of meaning!” ~ Rebecca Garcia, former Technology Evangelist at Squarespace

What’s Included

  • Monthly 3-hour group session with ~12-15 other women in a beautiful space, with dinner included
  • Life and leadership themes designed to support you with work-life balance and fulfillment
  • Email support between sessions for accountability and growth
  • Tools, processes, and playsheets tailored to your growth

About the Process

The group runs as a membership – the purpose is to strengthen you holistically as a conscious woman leader while creating a sustainable sisterhood to support your growth.

First, you’ll fill out this brief application form and tell me a bit about you. I’ll get back in touch if it makes sense for us to connect. Next, we’ll have a 30-minute consultation – free of charge – so I can better understand why you want to become a member and answer any questions you have about the group (please read everything here carefully before requesting to join).

If you’re a yes, we’ll get you set up with access to all the tools, processes, and playsheets for the group and invitations to the private dinner. You’ll have a chance to read more about the other members before you start, and we’ll introduce you via email to the other women in the group so you get acquainted before meeting in person.

Every month we focus on a theme that doesn’t get attention or love because we’re so focused on work all the time. Themes are designed around seasons, so we become more aware of how our growth is affected by nature and environmental changes throughout the year. Below are the 2016 monthly dates and themes so you get an idea.

After attending a dinner, you’ll have the chance to contribute as little or as much as you want to the online conversation between dinners in an ongoing, casual, asynchronous basis.

Dates and Themes


Intention: To slow down, cocoon, check in with our innermost desires and fears.

  • December 16th: Energy management (morning rituals)
  • January 13th: Gifts & Strengths (leadership style)
  • February 17th: Inner critic & Fears (risk aversion)


Intention: To cleanse, detox, and launch something new.

  • March 16th: Body & Vitality (the inner feminine)
  • April 13th: Love & Sex (vulnerability & trust)
  • May 18th: Money (scarcity vs. abundance)


Intention: To be fun, playful, and connected to the elements.

  • June 15th: Adventure & Play (travel…)
  • July 13th: Family & Friendship (acceptance of others)
  • August 17th: Service & Work (the masculine world/patriarchy)


Intention: To be reflective, creative, and accepting of changes.

  • September 14th: Creative Expression  (the inner artist)
  • October 12th: Desires & Boundaries (the “good girl” and feeling selfish)
  • November 16th: Self-compassion (acceptance of whole self)

Interested? Apply now to join us.