The Playbook {free}

Share Your Gifts: A Creative Confidence Playbook for Women is a free 27-page digital guide of wisdom distilled from a decade of self-discovery, my work with hundreds of women, and my training in psychology, cultural studies, yoga, and design. Learn the 10 blocks to creative confidence and what's holding you back.

What's included

  • 27 pages of reflection prompts, quotes, personal examples, and beautiful images to guide you
  • The 10 blocks to creative confidence with specific definitions, examples, and spaces to go deeper
  • A Final Reflection page to support you in synthesizing your insights
  • 3 next steps so you can keep working with your blocks

“This playbook opened my eyes to blocks I never thought about such as guilt of pleasure and my attachment to outcomes. I found so much resonance with it that I reached out to Majo for private coaching to help me go deeper in understanding how to address them in the right way!” ~ Kruti Benares


In yoga, we focus on removing any toxins and stressors from the mind-body in order to let more energy (or prana) flow through the system. In the same way, in order to have the creative confidence to lead, we women must soften and dissolve our internal blocks. And I can assure you that women face unique challenges because of the way we have been socialized, and the way culture (namely, patriarchy) has disempowered us from becoming full expressions of ourselves. In this playbook, you will gain a greater understanding of what’s truly holding you back from stepping into the fullest expression of your creative leadership.

“Okay, I can't find the ‘suitable’ words to describe my thankful thoughts to you! Seriously thank you for such an inspiring Playbook! Your words just came in the perfect time for me.” ~ A.B. 

“I was surprised by how much it resonated with my personal experience and had a great time using it for self-reflection. Thank you!” ~ F. H. 

“I wasn’t sure if this was what I needed, but went ahead and completed it. It surprised me to discover how much of a ‘good girl’ I really am! I went onto do 1:1 coaching to keep unraveling this good girl complex and so happy I did!” ~ C.B.